H.S.A. News – June 13, 2017 – Final 16-17 Issue

  Upcoming Events

  • June 16th  Academy Field Day
  • June 16th  12:30 dismissal
  • June 19th  12:30 dismissal, last day of 2016-2017 school year, NO Aftercare


  • 1.  Library Update
  • 2.  THANK YOU’s
  1. Library Update

 The library committee reports that we have just finished the end of another great school year.  During their weekly library sessions the students in the various classes have read books, borrowed books, listened to stories, learned to navigate the Dewey Decimal system, developed search skills using the online and card catalog and performed basic information research.   We have enjoyed having your children this year and look forward to more fun and learning next year.  

The total sales from the Barnes and Noble book fair was $2,083.39.  This means that we will get a gift card of $306.96 to purchase new books at Barnes and Noble (that will go a little further since we can use our educators’ discount).  Also,  Mrs. Townsend has very kindly donated $200 towards the library. THANK YOU CAROL!!!  So we are very excited to report that we will have over $500 to spend on new books.   We will aim to have many of these new books purchased and cataloged by the fall for the children.  Nothing quite like new books!  Thank you, again, to all who participated in the bookfair!

  1. THANK YOUs  

8th Grade Graduation Dinner

Last Friday the Academy continued its long tradition of having 7th grade parents serve the 8th graders and their families at the post-graduation dinner.  We thank five Academy 7th grade parents and 2 other families for their volunteer work.   These families worked in the morning and evening to decorate, set tables, prepare coffee, attend to food tables, help families and clean up.  It was a lovely evening and we thank the Doyle family, the Kress family, the Muir family, the Santiago family and the Saravanan family for their hard work.  


Academy Library

We give a big thank you to all library volunteers this year including Billie McNamara, Elizabeth Hathway Muir, KimLi Nguyen, and Carol Townsend.   We value the time you give to maintaining our library, working with our children and your weekly commitment. 

Uniform Exchange

We thank Mrs. Mendez for her hard work all year long in organizing and maintaining our Academy Uniform Exchange.  Uniform exchange has a variety of previously worn uniform items available for FREE in the H.S.A. closet in the basement of the school. Come visit the closet (you must sign in at the school’s office first).  Clothes are sorted by type and neatly organized in bins.  Go to www.flynnohara.com  to purchase new items.

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