H.S.A News- May 25, 2017


  • May 26th  Academy Field Day  Student BBQ, 12:30 dismissal
  • May 29th  NO SCHOOL  Memorial parade and BBQ
  • June 1st  Aladdin performance 
  • June 2nd 11 am first Friday mass, 12:30 dismissal
  • June 2nd  Father Daughter Dance 6:30 pm  “AT THE HOP!”
  • June 2nd  Box Tops collection turn-in FINAL DEADLINE
  • June 6th  Academy Awards Night 7 pm
  • June 9th  8th Grade Graduation  11 am mass, 6:30 pm ceremony
  • June 12th  Kindergarten graduation
  • June 12th  Academy Pool Party at the New Providence Pool
  • June 13th general HSA meeting  7:30 pm
  • June 15th  12:30 dismissal
  • June 16th  Academy Field Day
  • June 16th  12:30 dismissal
  • June 19th  12:30 dismissal, last day of 2016-2017 school year


Reminders to Parents

  • Academy Summer Reading Book Fair If you missed our book fair yesterday at Barnes and Noble at the Livingston Mall please consider still participating by shopping online.  The online book fair will go all weekend and through Monday the 29th.  Please see the attached flyer.   Enter the code  12147369 at checkout so that the Academy can receive credit.  Please forward this flyer to your extended family and friends.  There is free shipping for orders $25 and over.  Remember, we get a cut from sales on any item, not just the summer reading books.  So it’s a good time to shop for Father’s Day gifts, books for adults, games and crafts for the birthday gifts, stationery, etc.in addition to summer reading books.  Questions?  Please contact Elizabeth Hathway Muir:  elizawizzie@gmail.com 
  • 5th Annual Father/Daughter Dance   “AT THE HOP”  Get your high ponytail on and  please join us Friday, June 2nd, 6:30-8:30  pm,  AOLP gym.  This year’s dance is 1950’s themed- rock n roll, ice cream sodas, games, prizes, photos and more!  All Academy girls Pre-K -8 th are invited to bring their dads, grandpas, uncles, or a family friend as their escort.  Costumes encouraged but not required.   Registration form is attached.    Any questions or to help** – contact Sandy  slattery1019@yahoo.com 
  • HSA Volunteer Hours  Kelli Miller has let us know that not all families have completed their required volunteer hours yet.  Where do you stand?   There are still plenty of opportunities to serve your hours before the end of the school year.   Events needing volunteers include the May 25th BBQ, Field Day on June 16th and the Father-Daughter Dance on June 2nd.   Regular activities include lunch duty (see below) and library (on Tuesdays).    Per Academy policy families who do not complete their required HSA hours will be billed at $20/hr for hours not served.
  • BOX TOPS   Please continue to save your box tops and send them in with your child.  We are in our last drive of the school year and aim to get all the box tops in by June 3. So your deadline is Friday June 2ndThe class that has the most box tops will get a surprise!   We appreciate your support, including the extra time it takes to cut out the labels, very much!   Use this link for a back to school collection sheet:    http://www.ptotoday.com/filesharing/1794-back-to-school-collection-sheet/download
  • LUNCH/RECESS Have you signed up for lunch/recess duty yet?  There is still time to get your hours in** and with the nicer weather it is a beautiful time of year to help out.    Please check your schedule and sign up with the links below.  It’s easy to see where the most help is needed (and you even get a reminder email).    Remember, each family is asked to spend at least one volunteer hour in this important HSA activity.   Come to see your children during their recreation time.   Smiles are guaranteed! 

 GROUP A :  Younger students’ lunch and recess (grades K-3 lunchroom followed by grades K-3 recess)   3 parents needed each day 


GROUP B [RECESS ONLY]: Older students’ recess followed by younger students’ recess   2 parents needed each day


If you have question about lunch/recess volunteering or are having trouble with signup genius  please contact Andrea at abbmdestiny@msn.com

  • Yearbooks There are a very limited number of yearbooks still left for sale at $22 a copy.   This color 48-page book of memories includes all grades from PreK-3 to Grade 8.. Make checks payable to AOLP.  Send in order with your child’s name on the envelope.  Thank you for your support.   Order your yearbook today – there is a LIMITED supply!.  questions?  contact Mrs. Raleigh:  mrraleigh@theacademyolp.org
  • The Robotics Team is collecting empty “Little Bites” packages and used dental-related products.  We are in the middle of a class competition for month of May.   The winning class will receive a special prize.  Please collect your toothpaste tubes and caps, toothbrushes, toothpaste, cartons, toothbrush outer packaging, and floss containers (from any company) and send them in with your child for his classroom.Please note: Electric toothbrushes, battery toothbrushes, and/or their parts  are not recyclable through the program.   Please place in a plastic bag.    If you have any questions about the Academy Robotics Team please contact Mrs. Tyler @  atyler@theacademyolp.org
  • Remember that to volunteer in the school or at any event with children, you need to complete the Protecting God’s Children background check and workshop. More info can be found athttp://www.rcan.org/charter/index.htm  or contact the school’s office for a packet.  Local workshops can be found at this website:

http://www.virtusonline.org/virtus/reg_list2.cfm?theOrgID=16839&theme=0     Any questions?   Please contact Danielle Mollo at secretary@theacademyolp.org

  • Uniform swap– there is a variety of previously worn uniform items available for FREE in the H.S.A. closet in the basement of the school. Come visit the closet (you must sign in at the school’s office first).  Clothes are sorted by type and neatly organized in bins.  Go towww.flynnohara.com  to purchase new items.
  • The Academy Robotics Team will be selling ice cream on Thursdays at lunch for $1.00.  Healthy snacks are also available each day for $.50.
  • Please continue to bring used ink cartridges/cell phones to the school office.

**  Per Academy policy families who do not complete their required HSA hours will be billed at $20/hr for hours not served.


Thank you to Elizabeth Hathway Muir for organizing the  Academy Summer Reading Book Fair at Barnes and Noble and for volunteering all day at the store to greet people and to help them find books.  Elizabeth and the HSA give a BIG THANK YOU to all the parents and faculty who came out yesterday to the fair at the B&N bookstore in Livingston Mall.  B&N did a great job for us stocking many many titles from the teachers’ reading lists.   It was nice to be able to look at the books before deciding which ones to buy.  Because the titles were organized by grade in baskets (which included a copy of the teachers’ list) it was easy to shop.  Families also enjoyed the Panther Frap featured in the café, despite the blue neon color.   Thank you families for making the effort to travel to the store and for  supporting our school with your presence and purchases.   

In addition to students, parents and grandparents, we were very grateful to see Mr. Castillo, Ms. Cypher, Mrs. Church, Mrs. Miller, Ms. Johnston, Mrs. Nitzsche, Mrs. Frith and the Academy Panther.  We also loved meeting two new Academy families who will join us all in the fall.  Thank you also to Mrs. Frith who, with help from the Panther (thank you Mackenzie Flood and Giuliana Pelcher!) gave a dramatic reading of a new book called Peteriffic.   Thank you to Brandon Dunn, Tyler Dunn and Peter Muir (blue teeth and all) for sharing their latest forensics speeches in the comedy genre.  The boys did a FANTASTIC job and we all had some good laughs.   

Something else to be proud of is that Barnes and Noble was so impressed with our selection of books that they decided to keep the unsold stock and to use it in their regular collection and in their generic summer reading section AND they requested copies of all the the teachers’ lists.   We should all feel good that our teachers care enough to put quality titles on the lists and not just the latest popular book. 

Remember that the money we raise will go right back into the Academy.  We will let you know how much we made and what we’ll do with the money.  THANK YOU!!!

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