H.S.A. President – Year End Letter

Hello to All Academy of Our Lady of Peace Families,

WOW, less than one week of school left.  Where has the time gone? I hope all of you have had the same wonderful experience that our family has had this past year. Our school staff has again done a tremendous job educating our children while maintaining a safe and loving Catholic environment.  I can’t thank Mr. Castillo and the staff enough; they truly go above and beyond for our families. Being “Behind the Scene” has allowed me to see all the hard work, long hours put in and concern for our children from the staff and Mr. Castillo. Thank you Joel.

As for the HSA, another tremendous job by everyone in our efforts to assist the school in any way we can, whenever needed. Thank you to all the many volunteers who give so much time to make this the best HSA around. We all give time and it pays off in the happiness I see in the children’s faces at all the many events we sponsor year round. We cannot do it without you, thank you all so much.

Financially the HSA did a terrific job of raising a little over $125,000.00 throughout the year. After expenses, we have donated $60,000.00 to the school, leaving us a small nest egg to start next year. As we all know, the time we put in and the money we generate all year is what allows the school to maintain a reasonable tuition.  I believe that is proven in the low increase in next year’s tuition. For Edith and me, seeing how happy and productive the year has been for our boys, it’s all worth it. I hope all of you feel the same. The HSA and school are truly blessed by all of the generous support we receive each year, thank you everyone. A few highlights:  The Tricky Tray and Walkathon were our two largest fund raisers.  Thanks again to all who helped make these such a success. We are beginning a SCRIP  program next fall, where you may purchase gift cards at face value and in return the school will receive a percentage from the purchase.  We will be hosting a Parents Return to School Social in late September  – no fund raising, just drinks, food and dancing. We are bringing back Movie Night- a fun night with relaxed atmosphere where we all gather and hang out together.

I want to thank outgoing HSA Board members Vice-President Sandy Slattery, Treasurer Denise Reece and Secretary Elizabeth Hathway Muir for all the time and hard work they have put in the past few years. These three ladies are the HSA leaders, they are the movers and shakers that found some way to get it all done, or did it themselves. They will be missed, by me especially. But they aren’t gone, they will just be doing great things, as always, behind the scenes. The great news is we have tremendous replacements.  Please welcome and embrace Vice President Christine Williams, Treasurer Brendan Reilly and Secretary Mary Pauline Murphy. Please give them all the help and support as we move forward into the new school year. Do to overwhelming demand; I am returning as President.  Ok,  maybe it wasn’t overwhelming!!! But I am here, looking to help, support and guide our HSA through another exciting year. I look forward to working with you all to help our school again.  As I always say, if it’s for our children I will do whatever I can for them. If they are happy, learning and experiencing great things it’s all worth it.

Have a great summer, use sunblock, stay hydrated and have fun!

Matthew Dunn

HSA President and Member

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