Many of our students start their educational journey at The Academy of Our Lady of Peace in preschool and graduate eighth grade with classmates who they have grown up with and have shared many fond memories with throughout the years. Our school community is like a second family and you can see our students’ affection for our school by the sentiments they shared below:

“There is no school like AOLP. You can join sports teams while getting a great education.” (Peter)

“Nothing is impossible except impossibility, when you believe in God.” (Tyler)

“My Catholic school is the best. It’s where you can find that you’re truly God’s beloved child.” (Agatha)

“AOLP is the place for me.” (Haley)

“1 thing 2 do
3 words 4 you
I love AOLP”  (Kaitlyn)

“If I want to learn something new, I want to learn it at AOLP.” (Nicholas) 

“When God opens the door, you must go through.” (Brandon)

“Anyone who leaves AOLP with a strong Catholic identity has made Jesus proud.” (Christian)

“When God opens the door, you must go through.” (Brandon)

“Amazing Opportunites for success Lots of fun Perfect school” (Jacob and Sebastian)