Drop Off Procedures


Please read the new Drop Off and Pick Up procedures during COVID here.

All cars are to drive through the driveway to the car line that is coned off just past the convent, with a single line of cars only. Please note that the school and church driveways are 10 mph zones.

If you are dropping off your children in Grades K to 8, please continue in this car line to the Parish Hall doors. Please have your children come into the building through the Parish Hall doors. They will line up by grade in the gym and after the pledge of allegiance and school prayer, the teachers will escort them to their classrooms.

For security purposes, we ask that parents do NOT enter the gymnasium at morning drop off or afternoon pickup, except on the designated days that the H.S.A. will be sponsoring morning coffees in Parish Hall. If you do need to enter the building, please come through the main entrance doors.

If you will be entering the school at the main entrance, please park your car in the back parking lot facing the New Providence High School. The slanted parking spaces along the entrance driveway on the right are for the teachers and staff and require a parking permit.Only Pre-K parents can use the slanted parking spaces to the rear and after the faculty parking area.

Pre-K parents should bring their children into the building at the main entrance. Eighth grade students will be at the main entrance doors in the morning to escort your preschool child if you wish.

Late arrivals are not to park in the fire zone to drop off, another late arrival can be seriously hurt.


At dismissal time, if you are driving your child home, please drive to the back parking lot facing the New Providence High School. Grades K-4 are dismissed through the gymnasium door. Grades 5-8 are dismissed through the breezeway doors. Please pick up your child and proceed to your car to clear the area. This way our teachers can identify which students remain. If there is inclement weather, all students will be dismissed at the gym doors. Thank you for your cooperation.

PLEASE NOTE: The school and church driveways are 10 mph zones.