Class Parent Coordinators

The two Class Parent Coordinators shall collect names offered for Class Parents and develop a list for each class. The teachers and administration will select two (2) names from the list provided by the committee. The teachers will give preference to those volunteers on the list who have not performed in this capacity before. Class Parents will work with the individual teacher to coordinate the year’s activities. Class dues shall be collected and disbursed according to guidelines for Class Parents. The Coordinators shall contact Class Parents regarding events that require their attention or attendance.

Below are the Class Parents for each class for 2017-2018. If you need to contact your Class Parent, please obtain their phone number from the Student Directory or call the school office.


Pre-K3 Ms. Radomski Jenna Badgley, Jessica Mooney, Erika Pedraza
Pre-K4 Mrs. Sommo Kim Griz, Diana Benites, Richa
Pre-K4 AM Mrs. Fiore Katarzyna Dawidczyk
K-G Ms. Geary Megan Frackoviak, Morgan Timmerman, Meredith Timmerman
K-T Ms. Tremallo Liz Ferrara, Katie Romano
1 Mrs. O’Toole Sarah McDonald, Lisa Breslauer
2 Ms. Johnston Brigid Rose, Suzanne Fahy
3 Mrs. Mann Sandra Pocaro, Keri Brady
4 Mrs. Spinelli Gabrielle Silla, Dawn Fiore
5 Mrs. Frith Keri Brady, Denise Reece
6 Mrs. Chapman Mayra Rodriguez
7 Ms. Church Gabrielle Silla, Karen Pisani
8 Mr. Berger Nancy Pelcher

Responsibilities of Class Parents

Any parent, guardian, grandparent or responsible adult of a student may volunteer to be a Class Parent. Each classroom teacher will choose two (2) individuals from those indicating interest in serving in this role. By serving as a Class Parent, you automatically fulfill your family’s volunteer commitment for the school year. The annual volunteer commitment for grades K-8 is 25 hours, for PreK-4 it is 20 hours and for PreK-3 it is 15 hours. The following selection criteria is used for selecting the Class Parents:

  1. Parent who has never held the position before
  2. Parent who has held the position for one year previously
  3. Parent who has held the position twice in previous years

Below is an outline of the duties and responsibilities of the Class Parents:

  • Class Dues – The Class Parents are responsible for the safekeeping and distribution of money collected from class dues for class parties/activities. A detailed expense summary report accounting for all monies must be submitted at the conclusion of the school year to the Class Parent Coordinators.
  • Class Parties and Activities – In coordination with the teacher, the Class Parents work to establish a calendar of parties and activities for the school year. The Class Parents are responsible for the coordination of class parties, however, at their discretion, they may ask other class parents to be in attendance at an event in your place, if needed.
  • Class Trips – At the teacher’s direction, Class Parents may be asked to assist and accompany the class on their class trip. NO SIBLINGS are allowed to attend class trips. Each class takes at least one class trip per year.
  • Special Events – Every Class Parent is required to attend the following events during the year. However, if an unforeseen conflict arises and the Class Parent cannot attend, then they must have a replacement parent from the class confirmed as a substitute.
    Children’s Christmas Lunch
    Field Day
    1st Grade Class Parents (ONLY)  – Coordinate the Kindergarten Graduation Reception
    7th Grade Class Parents (ONLY)  – Coordinate 8th Grade Pin Ceremony
    7th Grade Class Parents (ONLY)  – Coordinate 8th Grade Graduation Reception
  • Should you have any questions regarding the Class Parent role, please feel free to call either one of the Class Parent Coordinators.