The Walk-A-Thon is a 45-minute fund raiser in which the school children walk laps around a marked area in the school parking lot (weather permitting) or in the gym. Prior to the walk, the children obtain sponsors who pledge a donation for their efforts. The collected pledges allow the children to be eligible for prizes.

Before the Walk-A-Thon takes place, the children obtain sponsors by contacting friends or relatives by phone. For safety reasons, we discourage the children from going door to door. All sponsors must be adults (18 years of age or older). Sponsors may pledge their donation per lap or as a flat rate.

On the day of the Walk-A-Thon, the children wear their gym uniforms. Water stops will be provided during the walking period. Designated adults will mark each lap completed on a card that each child will receive that day. Music and games will add plenty of fun to the event.

After the Walk-A-Thon, the committee will mark each child’s sponsor sheet with the actual number of laps that he or she completed. The envelopes and sponsor sheets will then be returned to the children so that they may begin collecting their pledges.