School Board


The mission of the School Board is to work in partnership with the pastor and principal to enable The Academy of Our Lady of Peace to pursue the mission of a Catholic school by providing a broad curriculum that ensures academic excellence and to create a Christian environment where all students realize their God-given potential to become individuals in the likeness of Jesus and contributing members of their community and Church. In doing so the School Board needs to recognize the uniqueness of each child as intended by God who created us in His own image and likeness.

The purpose of the School Board is to support the principal and pastor, to strengthen the academic excellence and opportunities for all students and to ensure that an atmosphere rich in Christian/Catholic values and beliefs is present at all times.

Qualities of Membership

  • Christ-centered
  • Student focused
  • Clear sense of purpose
  • Visibly and demonstrably Catholic
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Innovative
  • Commitment to the success of The Academy of Our Lady of Peace
  • Possess a genuine commitment to Catholic School Education and its future
  • Ability to make objective decisions and respect confidentiality
  • Commitment to serve as an active participant

The School Board is to provide strategic advice to the principal and pastor of The Academy of Our Lady of Peace, to identify opportunities for growth and improvement, and to foster an open line of communication and an effective working relationship with all stakeholders. The relationship will be one of information sharing and common planning, for the benefit of the school. Additionally, the Board consults in the areas of development, planning, marketing, finance and building and grounds.