Teacher Web Pages

The faculty at The Academy of Our Lady of Peace use a variety of web sites to communicate with parents and students. Your teacher will make it known to you in September which site they will be using throughout the school year to keep you informed about what’s going on in their classrooms.

In particular, teachers will use SchoolNotes.com, Google Classroom (Grades 4 to 8 and some Specials), and Shutterfly.com. Parents will need to register their email addresses with these teacher sites to receive updates.

To view teacher web pages, please see below (note that many of these sites are private so you will need to register your email to view the pages):

Subject: Name: Web Pages:
Pre-K3 Ms. Nicole Radomski Shutterfly
Pre-K4 Mrs. Dawn Fiore Shutterfly
Pre-K4 Mrs. Angela Sommo Shutterfly
Kindergarten-G Ms. Robyn Geary Shutterfly
Kindergarten-T Ms. Mary Tremallo Shutterfly
1st Grade Mrs. Elizabeth O’Toole Shutterfly
2nd Grade and Student Council Ms. Kim Johnston Shutterfly
3rd Grade Mrs. Danielle Mann Shutterfly
4th Grade Mrs. Lisa Spinelli Shutterfly
MS Science, Gr. 7 Religion, Forensics Ms. Jaclyn Church Google Classroom
MS Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Gr. 6 Religion Mrs. Karen Chapman Google Classroom
MS Social Studies, Gr. 8 Religion Mr. Marc Berger Google Classroom
MS Lang. Arts & Reading, Gr. 5 Religion Mrs. Elizabeth Frith Google Classroom
Computers (Pre-K4 to Gr. 8) Mrs. Mary Rose Raleigh Google Classroom and Shutterfly
Art (Pre-K3 to Gr. 8), Library, Robotics, STREAM Mrs. Alys Tyler Google Classroom and Shutterfly
Music (Pre-K3 to Gr. 8) Mr. Thomas Carle
Spanish (Pre-K3 to Gr. 3) Mrs. Mariana Canale
Spanish (Gr. 4 to Gr. 8) Mrs. Viviana Pacheco Google Classroom
Physical Education (Pre-K3 to Gr. 8), Sports Teams, Health Mr. Jim Gargiulo SchoolNotes
Latin (Gr. 7-8) Mrs. Jane Katz Google Classroom