H.S.A. News – April 19, 2018

Upcoming Events (For the latest, up to date information please refer to: https://theacademyolp.org/calendar/ )
o April 20th – Mother/Son Event; 6PM
o April 24th – Spring Concert & Art Show 7:30 PM
o April 28th – Protecting God’s Children Certification Class; AOLP
o May 2nd-5th – OLP Country Fair
o May 16th – AOLP Spring Book Fair @ Barnes & Noble, Livingston 9AM-9PM

SCRIP Program
o As we enter Spring and the last few months of school, why not purchase gift cards for Spring cleanup and gifts for teachers through the Scrip Program?
§ We will be selling gift cards the night of the Spring Concert.
§ We will accept either cash or a check when paying for the gift cards.
§ Thank you for supporting this school fundraiser!
o Or anytime, you may visit ShopWithScrip.com to purchase gift cards through our school page
§ Enrollment code: BL81B68156976
§ Send checks and enrollment forms to the school through your child’s folder
o For more information, please contact Karen Pisani at mikeandkarenpisani@verizon.net or Kristen Klasey at Kristen.Klasey@gmail.com

o Please send in your cash or check for $21 per copy. All grades Prek-3 to Grade 8 are included in this all color, memory-packed yearbook. Thank you for your support. Please HURRY- supplies are LIMITED!

Robotics Team Update
o Save your empty dental items, toothpaste and boxes, empty floss containers, old toothbrushes and the packaging from the new brushes. We also collect empty Little Bites packages. Thank you for your support.

Uniform Swap
o There is a great selection of previously worn uniform items available for FREE in the H.S.A. closet in the basement of the school. Come visit the closet (you must sign in at the school’s office first). Clothes are sorted by type and neatly organized in bins.

Protecting God’s Children
o Upcoming class at AOLP:
§ April 28th at 9AM for re-certification and 11 a.m. for new certification.
o All volunteers working in the school or at events with children must complete a Protecting God’s Children (PGC) workshop. It is important to get this certification completed early so that you can fully participate in volunteering. Please check the below site for a convenient date and location. http://www.virtusonline.org/virtus/reg_list2.cfm?theme=0
§ Select Newark, NJ (Archdiocese) in the dropdown menu)
§ Please contact Academy Secretary Danielle Mollo at the school’s office with any questions: secretary@theacademyolp.org or 908 464-8657

Contact the HSA Board Anytime
o President Matthew Dunn twindunns@yahoo.com
o Vice President Christine Williams christine_m_williams@yahoo.com
o Treasurer Brendan Reilly brendanliamreilly@gmail.com
o Secretary Mary Pauline Murphy marypauline.murphy@gmail.com