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Summer Office Hours: Mondays to Thursdays - 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Date Reminders:

* September 4th – First Day of School, K-8, 12:30 PM Dismissal, No Aftercare

* September 5th – PK 3 & 4 Orientation, 12:30 PM Dismissal, No Aftercare

* September 6th – Buddy Reception, 1st Friday Mass, 12:30 PM Dismissal, No Aftercare

* September 8th – Backpack Sunday, 12 p.m. Mass

* September 9th – First Full Day of School

* September 16th – Back To School Night 7 p.m.

Ways to Order Your Uniform from Flynn & O'Hara -

  1. ONLINE: To view uniform options, pricing, and shop year-round, visit:
  2. IN STORE: Visit us at our closest servicing retail location:
    130 Baldwin Road Parsippany NJ 07054 973-882-0833
  3. OVER THE PHONE: FlynnO'Hara's Customer Service Department is available Monday through Saturday year-round to answer questions, track returns, and place orders: Call us toll-free at: (800) 441-4122

PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to order early, as orders placed after July 15 cannot be guaranteed for delivery by the first day of school!

Extended Care in June

The Extended Care Program at The Academy will run the week of June 17th to June 21st.  The program will be held in the cafeteria from 8:30am to 5pm and run by Miss Tremallo and Miss Geary. 

Students will be able to participate in enrichment activities, center time, free play, and outdoor experiences; such as, Jaycee Park, tennis courts, basketball courts, water games etc.

NJ Liver Life Walk – Sunday June 9th – Please Join Us!

The Fiore family recently received the news that their beloved daughter Claudia was chosen as the 2019 New Jersey LIVEr Champion ( and would like to invite our school community to join them on Sunday, June 9th at the NJ Liver Life Walk in Verona, NJ. You can join their Goryeb Walk Team or make an online donation at

“Every dollar that we raise at this year’s Liver Life Walk will support the American Liver Foundation’s mission to provide educational programs and patient services to the millions of Americans battling liver disease.”

STEM Fair 2019 – Great work by our Academy students!

STEM Fair was another success as our middle school students had an opportunity to display and present all of their innovative ideas and research. Students worked on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and presented their solutions to tackle real-world problems.

Congratulations to all of our students and in particular to the 8th grade group that finished in 1st place - Casey, Kevin, Mia, Mia, and Kathleen. They tried to find alternative types of fuel. The fuel that they extracted actually worked and lit a lantern!

The 7th grade also displayed the zoos they made for a science project and our Pre-K to grade 4 classes also worked on amazing STEM projects that were also on display in the gym.

1st Place team!
2nd Place Team!
3rd Place Team!
5th Grade - 1st Place...

The Seeing Eye Visits The Academy!

Volunteers from The Seeing Eye organization of Morristown visited with our students and faculty last week during an assembly. Students had an opportunity to ask questions and meet four Seeing Eye dogs that are in training.

It was a wonderful experience and we thank Dr. Breslauer for organizing this assembly.

New MakerSpace Room Provides Challenges for Academy Students

The newly created MakerSpace room located near the library and art rooms is a colorful room filled with all kinds of building materials. This room was "created" during the summer (with the hard work of Mr. Cruz, Fr. Johan and Mr. Castillo)  and will be a place where our younger students will work together using the engineering design process to build objects to solve problems. This is all part of our STEAM integration in the curriculum and it's a whole lot of fun! In addition to building materials like wooden blocks, cardboard, and plastic containers, there are also Amazon Fire HD tablets for programming BB-8 Sphero robots. Students will also be challenged with Little Bits Student kits that teach simple circuity.

Robotics Team Wins Project Award!

Congratulations Panther Power! With an exemplary rubric, the team won the Project award. They designed the "Tube-Brush 1159" - a tooth brush system that will cut the astronauts steps from 26 - 9 steps when brushing their teeth. Here are the details on their innovation in their own words: Problem This year the topic is Into Orbit. The group had to choose a problem. They researched various problems that astronauts have in space. In the end, they decided to solve this problem. Astronauts have a hard time brushing their teeth in space. They have 26 steps to brushing their teeth. If they don’t do them correctly, it could be dangerous. All the particles of water and toothpaste can float away and get on important pieces of equipment, causing the equipment to get damaged or worse. Dr. Pelcher, a dental expert, talked to us about how brushing your teeth is important to an astronauts overall health, including heart, lungs, and mental. Our innovative solution is the Tube-brush 1159. This toothbrush does many things. Our Tube-brush 1159 includes 2 syringes. One has water and the other has toothpaste. They are connected by a thin clear tubing that goes up to the head of the brush. In the center of the brush head is the end of the clear tubing. The steps to brushing your teeth with the Tubebrush 1159 are: 1. Put the toothbrush in your mouth. 2. Push the syringe lever of water and toothpaste to your desired amount. 3. Brush your teeth. 4. Swallow or spit in a cloth the particles of toothbrush and water. 5. Repeat steps 2,3, and 4 as needed. 6. Take the toothbrush out of your mouth. 7. Reattach toothbrush to Velcro on wall. To help with this project, the team interviewed experts: Trent Seelig, an astrophysicist, our own Dr. Pelcher, a dentist, Christine Collins from NASA, Michael Nitzsche, an alumni Team member who had an internship with NASA and Dr. Marcy Pasternak a psychologist.

Wonderful Time at 65th Anniversary Gala and Blue Ribbon Celebration

The 65th Anniversary Gala and Blue Ribbon Celebration Friday evening was a wonderful event at The Westin Governor Morris Hotel in Morristown. A special thanks to Mrs. Reece and Mrs. Slattery for organizing the evening's festivities - you ladies are always amazing! God Bless The Academy of Our Lady of Peace and the many children that walk through our doors for many, many more years to come.