Forensics is the art of prepared public speaking, which enhances students’ skills in poise, self-esteem, presentation, leadership, memorization, as well as competition. The 6th, 7th and 8th grades of The Academy of Our Lady of Peace compete in the Archdiocese of Newark Forensics League.¬†Each meet competes in a specific category: reading, declamation, drama and humor:

  • Reading is where the student prepares a 3-5 minute selection of prose or poetry, which gives the illusion of being read.
  • Declamation is a speech originally given in a public forum of the same duration, which is memorized.
  • Drama is an excerpt from a play, movie, TV production or literature in a memorized format of the same length.
  • Humor is an age-appropriate comedic selection, which is memorized in the 3-5 minute time.

The Regional Tournament allows the student to choose his or her own category from the above.

The students are judged on a 5-point scale on interpretation, use of voice, appropriate eye contact, poise and physical presentation, and memorization. Prior to the actual meet students perform for the 4th through 8th grade teachers and classes. They are given a number rating and from these evaluations 6 competitors and 2 alternates are chosen to represent The Academy at the Meet.

Each school supplies a judge for every 6 competitors. No props or costumes are permitted and students wear Sunday-best attire (with no uniform parts in order to ensure impartiality) to the Meet. Parents are welcome to attend meets.