Student Council

The Student Council provides an opportunity for students to develop leadership skills and promote school spirit. By becoming part of the Student Council, children are committing to work and participate in the corresponding activities. Since the Student Council exists for and by the students, children learn responsibilities and the idea that one person can make a big difference. We are excited and expect a wonderful and productive year.

The Student Council meets at least once a month to work on school projects, fund-raisers, charity projects, etc. The faculty adviser is Ms. Kim Johnston,



President Tyler D.
Vice President Brandon D.
Secretary Agatha C.
Religious Affairs Gabriel C.
School Mascot and Spirit Jacob N. and Daniel P.


Tag Day – It is a special day when students raise money for a cause. The children bring in money in order to wear their every day clothes. (Parents please make sure appropriate clothing is worn.) The students bring the money in the same day of the tag day and hand in to their homeroom teacher.

Pajama Day – This is very similar to a tag day, but instead of wearing everyday clothes the children wear their pajamas. This “tag day” donation is usually designated for the children’s Leukemia Foundation.

Crazy Hair Day – Children wear their hair in a crazy, wacky, and/or fun way to school. This is a spirit day.

Crazy Socks Day – Children wear different color socks to school. This is a spirit day.

Talent Show – Children can show off their talent in front of their fellow students during our Talent Show. They first present their act to the teacher in charge of organizing the show to get approval. And then it’s showtime!

Penny Wars – Penny Wars are a fun way to raise money for a cause. There are jars in the classrooms where children deposit coins (no pennies). The one with the most coins wins the war. However, the idea of the game is for students from other classes to sneak in and deposit pennies into the jars of other classes. Pennies are negative points when the money is added up.

Random Acts of Kindness Month – During this month the Student Council does not collect for a charity or for a specific event. We are simply trying to spread the warm feeling of making someone else feel great!

We ask that each student at The Academy commit to making at least ONE special act of kindness during each week of the month. The student should not tell anyone about what they are doing. The idea is for Academy students to perform acts of kindness without expecting any recognition, no rewards, not even a “thank you.”

Some examples may be:

  • Being nice to all our classmates, especially the one who we aren’t usually nice to.
  • Inviting the person who is lonely to sit at lunch, play or “hang out” with you.
  • Unloading the dishwasher without being asked.
  • Writing an anonymous “Feel better” note for someone who is not feeling good or having a bad day.
  • Write or call (if you are allowed) your grandparents.
  • Walk the dog, if you are allowed, without being told to.
  • Read a story for someone who is younger and cannot read.
  • Clean your room without being asked to.
  • Do something nice for someone you care about.
  • Help to carry something heavy, hold the door open, etc.
  • Anything else you can think of that is an “act of kindness.”


The president of the student body has the responsibility of overseeing all Student Council activities. The president conducts the meeting of the council and plans the agendas for the meetings with the Student Council Moderator. At assemblies, the president is in charge of leading the pledge of allegiance.

Vice President
The vice president serves in the absence of the president. Duties include being in charge of the representatives from each class and running elections. The VP is also in charge of making any Student Council announcements to the student body in an informative manner.

The secretary is to take roll call and record the minutes of the meeting. The minutes will be typed and passed out to all Representatives the day after the meeting. At the beginning of the next meeting, the minutes will be reviewed and if needed amended.

Commissioner of Religious Affairs
This Commissioner is responsible for prayer at Para-liturgical events throughout the school year. These prayers may consist of intentions that members of the student body or staff have requested. This person will also be in charge of writing and planning the 9/11 prayer service, the Thanksgiving Prayer service and organizing the Student Council sponsored mass.

Commissioner of School Spirit/Mascot
The Mascot will be present at all school sponsored events such as volleyball games, handball, the country fair, the Memorial Day Parade, book fair, CSW, just to name a few. This person will also be in charge of putting together the talent show. The person in this position may have to be available on weekends! If you go away frequently, this position is not for you.

Class Representatives
These students represent their designated classrooms at the Student Council meetings by bringing any ideas, comments or questions to the meeting. Class representatives are also in charge of making announcements to their classes on information from the Student Council meetings.


  • Be in the 8th Grade to run for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • 7th Graders must get special consent to run for Secretary and Treasurer.
  • Be in the 6th-8th Grade to run for Religious Affairs/School Spirit
  • Fill out a Petition to Run for Office Form
  • Have Parents Sign consent form
  • Have no more than one C in a major class course
  • Have less than 3 “I”s (Improvement Needed) on the Personal Development side of the report card


  1. Those students that have permission to run may begin campaigning.
  2. The candidate must furnish all supplies for the campaign. Nothing may be taken from the school.
  3. Each candidate is allowed only five posters which can be put outside the classrooms. These may not be posted on any painted surface.
  4. Each candidate is allowed only one poster per classroom and permission must be given by the teacher in charge.
  5. Buttons, pins, favors may be given out by the candidate and his/her helpers; however no food items (candies, cookies, etc) may be distributed. It is the responsibility of the candidate and his/her team of helpers to see that their materials do not litter the school building or the school grounds.
  6. Not more than $10.00 may be spent on a candidate’s campaign.
  7. Anyone caught defacing another candidate’s poster will be subject to removal of their own posters and disqualification for office.
  8. Campaign stickers may not be placed on desk or other school property.
  9. Avoid putting posters on doors outside of the school building.
  10. A time to hang posters around the school and flyers in the classrooms will be designated by the Student Council moderator.
  11. All posters must be approved by the Student Council moderator before they are hung.
  12. Failure to comply with these campaign rules will result in disqualification.
  13. It is the responsibility of the candidate to remove all posters and any campaigning material the day after the election.