The Arts


Performing Arts

Students prepare in weekly Music classes with Mr. Elder for two annual concerts, a Christmas Concert and Spring Concert with a play. All students in grades Kindergarten to Grade 8 participate in the Christmas concert which includes the story of the Nativity with readings from the Bible and religious Christmas carols. Each of the grades sing songs with their classmates on stage in front of a packed audience of family members and friends in an evening performance. For several years now, the 8th grade also performs a short skit at the Christmas concert with all classmates having a part or stage responsibility.

In the Spring, we hold a second concert in the evening for our family and friends but this time our PreK-3 and 4 year old classes join in on the festivities. In addition to every grade singing and in some cases dancing to their songs, the 8th grade puts on a performance of their choosing. They are responsible for the costumes and sets as well. In the past they have performed “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, “Peter Pan” and “Little Mermaid,” to name a few.

In the Spring of 2017, the middle school held auditions for its first ever Spring Musical with an afternoon dress rehearsal in front of the entire student body and then a night-time performance for family and friends. Their first musical was Aladdin and in 2018 a spectacular performance of Cinderella wowed the audience.

Fine Arts

During the Spring Concert, family and friends are also treated to an Art Show during the evening performance. Earlier in the day of the concert, art teacher, Mrs. Tyler, and her volunteers hang up along the auditorium walls featured art work from all of the grades made throughout the year. It is amazing to see all of the beautiful pieces of artwork that our students have created.