Read About Our Featured Academy Alumni

Meet Sean Cusack – Class of 2003

High School: Delbarton School

College / University: The College of William & Mary

Current Role: Television Editor

Fondest AOLP Memory: An eighth grade class of only thirteen students! The Scholastic Book Fair, the OLP Country Fair (apparently, I enjoy fairs more than I thought), and an especially outstanding fifth grade teacher who helped instill in me a sense of integrity balanced with humor which I like to think I carry with me to this day. It would be more accurate and honest to say my fondest memory of AOLP is the sense of peace, safety, and quiet happiness that comes with almost any memory of the school.



Meet Jimmy Johnston III – Class of 1993

High School: Union Catholic Regional High School

College/University: Scranton University & Montclair State University

Current Role: Network/Systems Administrator

Fondest AOLP Memory: The close community of families and the teachers.



Meet Michael Maggi – Class of 1993

High School: Union Catholic Regional High School

College/University: University of Scranton

Current Role: Director of Talent Operations – Bohler Engineering

Fondest AOLP Memory: The annual country fair




Meet Andrew Raleigh – Class of 2009

High School: Seton Hall Preparatory – Class of 2013

Undergraduate Degree: B.S. in Computer Science from University of Massachusetts Amherst – Class of 2017

Current Role: Senior Software Engineer at Vistaprint

I’m very grateful for the positive experiences I had growing up at The Academy of Our Lady of Peace. We continue to see the importance of STEM in our society – and AOLP does a fantastic job providing students in Pre-K-8 with the proper foundations to succeed in that career path.

During my high school years at Seton Hall Prep, I worked during all four summers at Columbia University’s Computer Science Department. In college, I became a research and development intern at a computer security start up company in NYC, where I helped develop internal tools to assist in their research. Finally, I had a great opportunity to work at Microsoft Corp. in Redmond, WA for a summer internship before graduating and beginning my career at Vistaprint.

I really enjoy living in the Boston area and I spend my free time hiking and camping in the White Mountains, and raising a Golden Retriever puppy named Rooney.

Meet Madeline Buerle – Class of 2013

Madeline, a 2013 graduate of the Academy of Our Lady of Peace, is a Junior at Gettysburg College. She is a Political Science major, member of the Garthwait Leadership Center, and member of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority.

She continues to play volleyball which she started back in Middle School coached by Mr. Gargiulo and Mrs. Raleigh at The Academy. She played four years at Union Catholic High School in Scotch Plains, winning three Conference and County Championships. She was team captain as a senior and selected first-team All-Conference and All-County.

She just finished her third Centennial Conference season at Gettysburg, where she plays defensive specialist and libero.

She looks back fondly to her days at The Academy; her friends, teachers and her love of volleyball!



Meet Donna Scarola – Class of 2005

Undergraduate Degree: Seton Hall University
Graduate Degree: Georgetown University
Current Role: Global Head, Performance Management and Leadership Model at Johnson & Johnson 
Previous Work: Head of Digital Strategy of Talent Development at Johnson & Johnson; Product Management at Reflektive and Workday in San Francisco Bay Area building Human Resources software for enterprise organizations. Additionally, taught Workforce Development and Performance Management at San Francisco State University for four years.
Donna’s experience at Our Lady of Peace: “As an Alumna, I always fondly look back at my time at OLP. I made some amazing friends who continued with me to high school at Mount Saint Mary Academy. It was nice to always have a bond with those whom I met when we were so young. We grew up and learned together throughout our elementary years. While often we think of elementary school as a time of just absorbing basic skills like reading, writing, math, and science, it is a formative time where we learn who we are. It’s a time where we are still trying to understand basic universal rules such as ethics, and to be in such a positive environment profoundly helps shape that in ways that are often immeasurable.”
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